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Embrace Online Education Pvt. Ltd. building a school where our community of learning crosses continents, where international collaboration is part of the everyday curriculum, and where pupils can access a world-leading education from their own homes. 

We recognise that the world we live in is changing rapidly and that education must adapt to the new challenges this presents. Our modern, online world is fast-paced, globally connected and personalised to reflect our interests.  Education can be the same. 
Embrace Online Education Pvt. Ltd. offers a unique opportunity for bright girls and boys to develop their shared love of learning in a carefully designed, globally connected school. We give pupils the flexibility to study at a time and a pace that suits them, individualising their learning and structuring their timetable so their education fits around their lives. Our live lessons with small class sizes, academic tutorials and regular life-coaching sessions provide students with personalised support and feedback, helping them manage their studies while developing a sense of purpose and the skills to navigate an unknown future.

Our online School is setting out to transform education. We'd love you to join us.